Deprecated configuration

variable (jedi:setup-keys nil)

Setup recommended keybinds.


Use of this value is obsolete now. As of 0.1.3, jedi.el has default keybinds, which are different than these. See also jedi-mode.

Default keybinds

<C-tab> : = jedi:key-complete
Complete code at point. (jedi:complete)
C-. : = jedi:key-goto-definition
Goto the definition of the object at point. (jedi:goto-definition)
C-c d : = jedi:key-show-doc
Show the documentation of the object at point. (jedi:show-doc)
C-c r : = jedi:key-related-names
Find related names of the object at point. (helm-jedi-related-names / anything-jedi-related-names)

When jedi:setup-keys is non-nil, recommended keybinds are set in jedi-mode-map when loading jedi.el. Therefore, you must set this value before jedi.el is loaded. As recommended usage of jedi.el is to call jedi:setup via python-mode-hook where jedi:setup is autloaded, setting jedi:setup-keys to t in you emacs setup (e.g., .emacs.d/init.el) works fine.:

(setq jedi:setup-keys t)
(add-hook 'python-mode-hook 'jedi:setup)

If you want to require jedi.el explicitly when loading Emacs, make sure to set jedi:setup-keys before loading jedi.el:

(setq jedi:setup-keys t)
(require 'jedi)

Byte compiler warns about unbound variable if you set jedi:setup-keys before loading jedi.el. The proper way to suppress this warning is the following:

(eval-when-compile (require 'jedi nil t))
(setq jedi:setup-keys t)

You can change these keybinds by changing jedi:key-complete, jedi:key-goto-definition, jedi:key-show-doc, and jedi:key-related-names. For example, default keybind for ropemacs’s rope-show-doc is same as jedi:show-doc. You can avoid collision by something like this:

(setq jedi:key-show-doc (kbd "C-c D"))
variable (jedi:key-complete (kbd "<C-tab>"))

Keybind for command jedi:complete.

variable (jedi:key-goto-definition (kbd "C-."))

Keybind for command jedi:goto-definition.

variable (jedi:key-show-doc (kbd "C-c d"))

Keybind for command jedi:show-doc.

Keybind for command helm-jedi-related-names or anything-jedi-related-names.

variable (jedi:key-goto-definition-pop-marker (kbd "C-,"))

Keybind for command jedi:goto-definition-pop-marker.